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Press Release 7/11/2014


Greensky Adventures, Inc and Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast LLC have entered into an exclusive arrangement with HKS Co Ltd to become World-Wide distributors of the HKS 700E engines and accessories.  Both will offer sales, service/support and parts supply for the engines.  Mr. Hiroshi Kato, the engine's designer, will be the technical liaison to Greensky Adventures and Quicksilver N.E.

The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and meets ASTM Consensus Standards for Special Light Sport Aircraft installation.  Its reputation for reliability and economy of operation is well noted in aviation community.  The engine has a 1000 hour TBO and a fuel burn around 2 gph at cruise settings.

Jerry Olenik of Greensky, and  Chris Hatin of Quicksilver N.E. have been HKS dealers since 2001 and 2004 respectively, and are both factory trained service providers.

"We are both excited to be working with HKS to distribute the 700E and plan to aggressively market the engines as a viable option to the two-stroke alternatives with OEMs and homebuilders.  This opportunity to represent HKS Aviation is very exciting." 

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